Email Marketing – Aweber Mail Chimp Constant Contact

Email Marketing – Aweber or Mail Chimp or Constant Contact?
There are many choices of Newsletter and Autoresponder services, with many features and benefits. It can be overwhelming choosing your Email Marketing tool.

Try Constant Contact FREE for 60 days!

Four I recommend include:

1.  Aweber Email Marketing

2.  1Shopping Cart Email Marketing

3.  Constant Contact Email Marketing

4.  Mail Chimp Email Marketing

There are Pros and Cons for each service.  An Advantage of Constant Contact is that you have a 60 day trial period and the price is very reasonable. As long as you have a customer or person who has indicated they want to be on your mailing list, you can manually add them. Some systems do not allow you to do that, which can be a disadvantage. Have a Free Trial here: —-> Constant Contact

I use both Constant Contact and 1ShoppingCart (reseller) – Diana Walker’s Email and Newsletter Marketing Choice – this is the one I have used since 2005 and have thousands of opted-in Subscribers.  I have various  autoresponder series set up – like classes – once a week for 2 years which means I have 100 Autoresponders in one series!  so 7 autoresponders would not suit my needs.  (you could not do that with Constant Contact).   You could do that with Aweber.  Constant Contact is a good option for off-line businesses – and they have wonderful templates to use and it is very easy for the average, non-techy person to use.

If you are an online Marketer, you should know that Mail Chimp’s Terms of Use state that the following – that you cannot be an Affiliate Marketer and use their service!  Affiliate Marketers, Network Marketers, and even those promoting Nutrition Supplements are not welcomed!  This is good to know before making your choice:.

This is a quote from Mail Chimp’s Terms of Use

Also, there are some industries that send certain types of content
that result in higher than normal bounce rates and abuse complaints,
which in turn jeopardize the deliverability of our entire system.
No offense intended, but because we must ensure the highest delivery rates
possible for all our customers, we do not allow businesses that offer
these types of services, products, or content:

Illegal goods or services
Escort and dating services
Pharmaceutical products
Work from home, Internet Lead-gen, Make money on online opportunities, etc.
Online trading, day trading tips, or stock market related content
Gambling services, products or gambling education
Multi-level marketing
Affiliate marketers
Credit repair, get-out-of-debt content
Mortgages and/or Loans
Nutritional Supplements, Herbal Supplements or Vitamin Supplements
Pornography or nudity in content
Adult novelty items or references in content
List brokers or List rental services
Marketing or sending commercial email without proper permission

What Is Double Opt-In and Why Is It So Important?
Double opt-in is the current evolution of the business email.

Business emails include newsletters and autoresponder series.

In the earliest days of Internet marketing, it was not uncommon for unsolicited emails to be sent out to random email addresses, a fact that made free email sites like HotMail less than popular. However, legislation and a general rebellion by consumers tired of spam made this marketing technique obsolete except for a few non-US spammers.

A better way to send people email, marketers found, was to have them ask for it to begin with. Customers and interested people were asked to submit email addresses online or through other means (signup sheets at trade shows for instance), and they were added to mass email lists.

However, with the Can-Spam laws passed, this too became problematic. A consumer signed up by someone else, or who had forgotten they’d signed up for a mailing, could sue the marketer under this law, and the marketer could find themselves liable for enormous fines as well as legal fees and a bad reputation.

To solve this problem, marketers turned to double opt-in emails.  In the internet marketing world, the most popular, easy-to-use, Email Newsletter and Autoresponder is Aweber.

Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Aweber all provide double opt-in options.  Mail Chimp can be a good service to use for Non-Profits (because of the rules above) – and it is free up to a certain point.  It can be a little too techy for some people – and then I would recommend Constant Contact.

Double Opt-In

Double opt-in is also referred to as Confirmed Opt-in or Closed-Loop Opt-in

Single Opt-In

Single opt-in is often called Unconfirmed Opt-in.

With this system, consumers sign up to be on a mailing list. Before anything is actually sent to them from the mailing list, a test email goes to the consumer asking them to respond to that test to verify that they had indeed asked to sign up. This verification takes the form of an email being returned to the marketer or, more common today, of the consumer visiting a verification website with a long-tail code embedded in the link they use that verifies that person’s identification.

There are several advantages to Double Opt-in emails:

1. The consumer is assured of getting only emails he or she has specifically requested, building trust for the vendor.

2. The vendor has verified accurate email addresses from people who have requested to be added.

3. More importantly, the vendor has a paper trail proving that he or she added a consumer at his or her specific request.

4. Protection for the vendor because of the proof, it not only proves to the subscriber but the vendor can be at ease.

5. Because of the expectation of getting an email from the vendor right away, the consumer is assured he or she added their correct email address without typos – and they can change their minds if necessary.

While it is not legally required for emails to be Double Opt-in, it’s legally smart to use this method for any kind of ongoing email subscription. It’s also good business practice for every online marketer.

It makes things go a bit slower when building your subscriber base, but it makes things more solid and accurate. The best thing you can do with double opt-in is to make sure you have clear instructions for your subscribers to follow.

An excellent system for building your subscriber and customer base with Double Opt-in is Aweber

Wishing you Success and Abundance in Life and Business!

Diana Walker, Internet Educator


Online Mastermind Group – NAMS7

Online Mastermind Group -NAMS7 – Niche Affiliate Marketing – Please join me if you are doing business online, or want to do business online
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I am a member of this New Online Mastermind Group and I attended the Live NAMS6 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Are you ready to take positive steps to improve your online business?

Here is what you receive……..I understand that for 85% off each month (if you use the current promo code – MyNAMS85), I’m getting:

  • Monthly webinars with proven experts who can help my business grow.
  • Exclusive eBooks, special reports, and training modules to teach me how to use the critical tools every affiliate marketer needs.
  • Special offers on upcoming events like the live Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshop that happens twice each year.
  • Access to a private forum where I can feel secure in sharing my business questions and triumphs.
  • Monthly Q & A sessions where my specific questions will be answered.
  • A monthly member site review, so I can see how my sites can be improved while learning about others.
  • Access to a private affiliate launch calendar where I can get in touch with top affiliates who want to promote my products.
  • Plus, I’ll be able to meet and talk to other business owners just like me, so we can help each other succeed.
  • All this is available for while we’re in pre-launch with a 90% discount off the monthly rate.

List Building – Internet Marketing Education

List Building – Internet Marketing Education -

  • Without this, you’re at the mercy of Google or Facebook to get web traffic to your site.
  • Without this, you’ll have a tough time selling to cold prospects.
  • Without this, you won’t have much of an audience for your special offers and campaigns.
  • Without this, well, you don’t have a business.

Mailing Lists and List Building are Not Dead!

I’m talking about a mailing list.
(Email List Building —–>

A Mailing List is a database of people who are interested in what you offer
– enough to have given you their contact information.

It can be intimidating for a beginner to put up a mailing list for the first time. And even if you already have a mailing list, you often wonder, “How can I get more people to sign up for my list?”

Or, “After they sign up, what do I do next?”

My friend and mentor Kelly McCausey of Solo Masterminds is hosting a complimentary webinar on how to start your first mailing list. It’ll be on Monday, October 17th, 11 am Eastern.

Kelly McCausey Nicole Dean Diana Walker NAMS Feb 2010 Internet Marketing

Kelly McCausey Nicole Dean Diana Walker NAMS Feb 2010 Internet Marketing

Note – I am a Founding Member of SoloMasterminds and have been mentored by this wonderful group since 2005!  The photo above is in Atlanta, Georgia, at an Internet Entrepreneurs Conference, where I met Kelly McCausey (on the left) and Nicole Dean (in the middle) in person.  I’m on the right – Diana Walker.


Sign up for the Free Webinar here (it’s free!):

During the webinar, Kelly will show you, step-by-step how to create your first list and begin getting subscribers.

Even if you’re not a complete newbie, you’ll still find the webinar useful, because Kelly will be sharing:

* the optimal location for your subscription box
* how to get more people to subscribe
* what content to put in your emails

… and so much more!

If you’re ready to have a REAL online business and start building a list of prospects, then join us in this no-cost webinar.

Go here to register for the webinar:

I hope to see you there!
Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Internet Marketing Education

PS: Even if you can’t make The Free Webinar On List Building on Monday, October 17, 2011, do register so you’ll get access to the multimedia recording.

PPS: But I strongly urge you to join us live during the webinar, so you can ask your follow-up questions.

Audio on your Website: Video on your Website

Diana’s Internet Marketing Education

Audio on Your Website: Video on your Website

Diana Walker Recommends – Audio Acrobat Service for all your Audio and Video needs

If you are a website owner, you owe it to yourself to make your website as tempting as you can. This will hold your traffic once it gets to your site and keeps them from rushing on to find something else. Audio and video can be added to your website as well as your emails.

The first thing about selecting the audio you want to post on your website is finding the one that you want. This is as simple as choosing the one you want from the list you have recorded. Then you customize the play button and paste the HTML in your website. You are ready to go. How much simpler can it get?

With the audio that is now on your website, you have something more than a boring page that is reliant upon color to spice it up. You actually have someone who talks to your prospective customers and this can make a difference when they are weighing options on the site to go with for their needs. That is a very good reason that many people use Audio Acrobat. This is the best ‘get acquainted’ method there is available for you and your prospective clients.

When you decide to use an audio on your website, you can actually make your own. Shoot a video, using audio, set it up on your website and see how many people respond to this new way of explaining your business.

This is also beneficial when it comes to training programs. Since it is quite easy to do, you can have an audio presentation explaining all the aspects of the training for your product with the results that are to be expected. People will respond to this type of a training program far better than trying to concentrate on just written words.

Did you know that you have automatic updates for your audio program? You do not have to learn how to update the audio on your site every time you want to change something. This is one of the benefits of having Audio Acrobat. Not only can you have automatic updates, but you can replace any audio on your site from your telephone, your computer (with a microphone), or an audio file can be uploaded.

This is definitely an improvement on the standard way of getting the message across to clients you already have or prospective ones. You know as well as your customers do that boring does not sell. If you bore your audience to death, all they want to do is get away from the site. However, by using audio you make them want to stay and hear what you have to say.

One of the main ways of finding out if something is worth trying out in the first place is to test it on your family and friends. If they go for it and seem to like the improved way better than the old way, more than likely it is a good idea and will be widely accepted by your clients. After all, the main reason for having a website in the first place is to generate the traffic that it needs to make it successful.

P.S. – Audio and Video are key elements in your business success.  I have utilized this service — Audio and Video Service Diana Walker Recommends – since September 2006 – so for almost 6 years now, and love using it.  The training they provide is spectacular, and right from the beginning I was recording my TeleClasses, and my personal audio messages for people.  Now I also use Video and have been since May 2008 and I hope you will see if this is something you would like to learn too.

Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Internet Marketing Education

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Internet Entrepreneurs Meet In Real Life

Diana Walker Alice Seba Vera Raposa Melody Thacker Internet Entrepreneurs

Diana Walker Alice Seba Vera Raposa Melody Thacker Internet Entrepreneurs

I am so fortunate to have made friends with 3 ladies who I admire very much and who have successful online internet careers.  The reason I am posting this today is that I keep in touch with all 3 of these friends – and tomorrow Melody Thacker will be traveling through Salmon Arm (where I live now) on her way to Alberta – so we are meeting up for lunch.  I love how these friendships and relationships continue.

The photo above was taken in Vancouver in 2008. Diana Walker – on the left – with Alice Seba, Vera Raposo, and Melody Thacker.  We originally met in about 2005 online – so all conversations were conducted in our hidden exclusive forum for learning internet marketing, blogging, earning money on the internet.

We became friends online first, and then we met in person several times, in the Vancouver area.  The online forum was for all of us interested in learning how to work from home and work over the internet to make a difference in other people’s lives and also earn a living with our internet skills.  These ladies have been my mentors, my inspiration and my friends.

I would love to keep in touch with you, and by submitting the form below, you will receive updates and tips on how to be successful online, like these successful friends of mine!

Wishing you Success!

Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Internet Marketing Education

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Melissa Ingold Sweetie Marketing Insider

Melissa Ingold Sweetie Marketing Insider – Diana Walker Internet Marketing Education

I know that I have mentioned Melissa before.  Melissa Ingold has been one of my online gurus, internet marketing mentors, and part of my secret to online success for the past 5 years.  We originally met at Mom Masterminds Online Forum in 2005. This Online Mentoring Forum is now called Solo Masterminds and is headed by my friend Kelly McCausey.

If you are looking for online success in 2011, this group support could be what you are looking for.

Join Solo Masterminds

If you join – which I highly encourage you to do! — be sure and say Hi to me on Solo Masterminds Forum!

Hope to see you there!

Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Internet Marketing Education

P.S.  I love learning from, studying with, networking with people from all over the world!  Most of my mentors, coaches and forums have been United States based during my 8 years online.  I live in Canada, and it is wonderful to have friends in the USA, in Canada, and all over the world!

Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Internet Marketing Education

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New Year’s Vision and Goals Diana Walker

 New Year’s Vision and Goals for 2011 Law of Attraction Diana Walker
Diana Walker Vision Board New Year Goals

Diana Walker Vision Board New Year Goals

Have you thought about your goals for the New Year? Creating a Vision Board - also known as a Dream Board - can really make a difference in helping you focus and draw to you – Law of Attraction – the people, places, resources, that will bring you fulfillment in 2011 and success in your internet business.

This is a New Year – 2011 – and for many of us it is time to set goals for the upcoming 12 months. I like to create a Vision Board and a Theme for each year. Last year was my Year of Authenticity. 2011 will be my Year of Balance. My goal and vision is to create Balance and include Family, Friends, Fun, and Fulfillment in Home and Business.

Get your copy of VBS right now!

My sister Goldie van Mentz is a Certified Life Coach and I am known as the Cravings Coach.  Goldie has her online presence at her Body Beautiful Program.  I provide internet education here at my Diana Recommends site, and health and wellness inspiration and coaching as CEO of Diana Walker’s Healhy Lifestyles.

Wishing you Balance and Health and Happiness in 2011!

Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Internet Marketing Education
CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles, Law of Attraction

Melissa Ingold Sweetie Marketing Insider

Business Strategies – Learn Internet Marketing – do you want to earn money online?

You need to be with mentors and coaches who are highly organized, very successful online, and love motivating others to earn money online.

In 2005 I joined SoloMasterminds, which provides online live help within an exclusive elite area for learning.

I am so excited to see the other students and we can learn together, taking our businesses to the next level. I have met many of the other students over the years online, and some I have met in person.

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, come and join us in Kelly McCausey’s SoloMasterminds to learn Business Strategies for your online business with Coaching Online Mentoring Program.

Join Solo Masterminds

Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Internet Marketing Education

Learn Website Design WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog Website Design with Angela Wills

Learn Website Design with WordPress

Not long ago, it was believed that the internet was going to be the answer for small businesses. By creating a website on the internet, small businesses were going to be able to compete with larger companies in marketing. The internet was going to make the businesses more accessible to customers. Somehow, that has yet to happen.

The potential is still there, but small businesses are still struggling to tap into it.

There are several reasons for this.

Competitive Market

The internet has become highly competitive. Over the last few years hundreds of small companies have popped up and flooded the market. With so many companies offering the same services, to compete, companies must really make an impression on the customers. They must find a way to set themselves apart. Also, as the internet evolved and became more user friendly, web design quickly became more complicated and small businesses had a hard time keeping up. And many companies were under the impression that all that was required was a snappy domain name, cheap web hosting, and a website that was aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, there is much more to it than that.
Internet Marketing Sweetie

Target Market or Niche

Without taking certain factors into consideration, even the hottest website is doomed. For instance, it is important to take into account the type of people that the website is designed for. This is called your “Target Market” or “Niche”. A website that is intended for children needs to be designed around that concept. The text should be easy to read. There should be bright colors, and pictures that children enjoy. Children need things to keep their interest in the site, so some activities and games might be a good idea. A site that appears written for adults, that has no pictures or games on it, may attract a few children, but the few that happened across it would not stay very long.

Diana Recommends:  Website Design Mojo

Website Easy to Navigate

The website must also be functional and ease to navigate. If the customer can’t use the website, they will go to another one. Again, who the target audience is, is an important factor. Is the website for children? Then use symbols and easy words on the buttons. Is the website for adults who might be new to the internet? Then post directions, and make the help section noticeable and user friendly. It isn’t enough for the website to have what the user wants. The user must be able to get access to what they want as well. Small companies must remember that they are experts in their product lines and the information they are posting, but their target audience may not be.

Design with the Ability to Expand

Finally, websites must be designed with the ability to grow and expand. The internet is constantly evolving as are the individuals using it. Your website must continue to grow and change as well or you will fall behind. Consumers’ standards for the websites they frequent get higher and higher with each well designed website they visit. If a small business goes with a bargain web host that has very few options, or if the website is designed in a way that cannot evolve easily, customers will lose interest and not return.

The design of a website can make or break its ability to draw in users. Without proper planning, chances for a good design that fits the customer needs is very poor. And if the customer needs aren’t met, the website will fail.

If you can fulfill these website design requirements listed above, I’m sure you will grow and expand your business online.

Diana recommends:  Website Design Mojo

Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Internet Marketing Education

Canada Marketing Summit Vancouver #3

Canada Marketing Summit 2010 Vancouver   This is Day 3 of the Canada Marketing Summit in Vancouver BC Canada.  Social Marketing and Social Media will be featured this morning.

Diana Walker Maritza Parra Canada Marketing Summit 2010

Diana Walker Maritza Parra Canada Marketing Summit 2010

Martiza Parra and Diana Walker first “met” on a teleconference call about Setting Goals for 2010 — on New Years Eve January 1 2010!

This was when I heard Maritza’s story of how she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show – and how she has created her lifestyle, and motivates others to do the same.

Maritza teaches us the full spectrum of Social Media Marketing and how to get ourselves known on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites, and tie those back into our own blog.

I have been a student of Maritza Parra for almost a year now, and have learned so much.  She is the first speaker of the day today, September 25th – and I was able to get a photo with Maritza yesterday (above).

Diana Walker Maritza Parra Luz Parra Canada Marketing Summit Vancouver Canada 2010

Diana Walker Maritza Parra Luz Parra Canada Marketing Summit Vancouver Canada 2010

I also had the privilege of meeting Maritza’s mom Luz Parra – and got a photo yesterday when they had just arrived in by place to Vancouver.

It is so wonderful to be connecting with other entrepreneurs and learning and networking.  I’m looking forward to another terrific day – and will take more photos!  Mark Victor Hansen is featured speaker this afternoon.

Wishing you much success in your online business.

Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Internet Marketing Education