Content and PLR for Your Business

Content and PLR for Your Business

Content is one of the most important keys to your business.  By “content” I mean your words, your photos, your audio, and your video. How you get your message across to others is so important.

The very best Content and PLR that I know of comes from my good friend Alice Seba.  I first met Alice online in 2005 and then met her in person many times in Vancouver.  I also interned with Alice in 2010.  She was wonderful to work with. I have a photo from one of our meetups with 3 of us, Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs – friends of mine – Vera Raposa, Diana Walker and Alice Seba

Vera Raposa Diana Walker Alice Seba Internet Marketers

Vera Raposa Diana Walker Alice Seba Internet Marketers

Do you know what PLR means?  It means Private Label Rights.  This is one way you can buy content and have your own rights to the wording in that content.  Paying a ghost-writer to write the impeccable material that comes through Alice’s assistants, would cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.  During January 2012 – right now – you get 50% off!

Buy the very best Content and PLR here:  Diana Walker Recommends Content and PLR

It takes a lot of time and energy to create great content.  PLR Content Made Easy Now you can purchase the rights to very detailed and accurate content through PLR.  Of course you will need to re-word some of it to make it your own, but it is so helpful for us to be able to help our newsletter subscribers and website readers to learn easily what we are about.

Vera Raposa Diana Walker Alice Seba Internet Marketers

Vera Raposa Diana Walker Alice Seba Internet Marketers


Internet Entrepreneurs Meet In Real Life

Diana Walker Alice Seba Vera Raposa Melody Thacker Internet Entrepreneurs

Diana Walker Alice Seba Vera Raposa Melody Thacker Internet Entrepreneurs

I am so fortunate to have made friends with 3 ladies who I admire very much and who have successful online internet careers.  The reason I am posting this today is that I keep in touch with all 3 of these friends – and tomorrow Melody Thacker will be traveling through Salmon Arm (where I live now) on her way to Alberta – so we are meeting up for lunch.  I love how these friendships and relationships continue.

The photo above was taken in Vancouver in 2008. Diana Walker – on the left – with Alice Seba, Vera Raposo, and Melody Thacker.  We originally met in about 2005 online – so all conversations were conducted in our hidden exclusive forum for learning internet marketing, blogging, earning money on the internet.

We became friends online first, and then we met in person several times, in the Vancouver area.  The online forum was for all of us interested in learning how to work from home and work over the internet to make a difference in other people’s lives and also earn a living with our internet skills.  These ladies have been my mentors, my inspiration and my friends.

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Wishing you Success!

Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Internet Marketing Education

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Mom Masterminds Lunch

As many of you know, my online knowledge and success really took off after I became a member of Mom Masterminds So you can imagine how happy I am when I can get together in person with Alice Seba, Internet Marketing Sweetie. along with Vera Raposo, another Internet Marketing expert. They have both become my friends through this wonderful mentoring group. Alice is one of the founders of the Mom Masterminds Internet Mentoring Group. We had lots of great conversation and terrific food.

Lunch with Mom Masterminds Vera, Diana, Alice

Vera, Diana & Alice

I followed Alice’s lead (since she has been one of my coaches in Internet Marketing!) and chose the same as her for lunch — “planked” salmon with jasmine rice and asparagus. It was delicious! It is so wonderful to have this kind of support. It was great to learn more about each of their lives and also to hear about how business is booming with Vera. She has made some wonderful achievements with her online business recently and we were happy to join her in celebrating those achievements! You too can join this wonderful online mentoring group and become a member of Mom Masterminds You can receive the Free Trial period as a Preview Member. or you can visit Alice Seba, Internet Marketing Sweetie. That is where you can receive more help with your online journey. Diana Walker, Internet Marketing Educator